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We Are Powerful Beyond Measure

Artist: Yvon Dockter

"Imagine if every capable person would carve out a bit of time everyday or week to serve the less fortunate

in some small or large way.

What a concept.
I've been on the receiving end at one point in my life, and it fulfills me

to pay it forward through my art and volunteer services."


Yvon Dockter has learned that she loves to combine materials.

She searches for different materials to work with and to add with one another. She's been enjoying combining metal with ceramic. It especially pleases her to reclaim "Found Metal". Yvon also enjoys gathering indigenous materials in order to create strong clay bodies, and striking and unusual glaze effects in her ceramic work. Some of her sculptural work has a 'primitive' flavor. She also enjoys the balance of producing unique functional ceramic ware. Although she's been using metal for less than ten years, Yvon has been playing with clay for over thirty years.

Every year, for the past several years, Yvon Dockter has made 100 bowls for Hospitality House Community Shelter's,

"Empty Bowl" Soup Event.

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