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APTCH  Talking Points

Use these "Talking Points" to help in your communications about the

A-Place-To-Call-Home Project. You can use in blogs, press releases, social media posts, presentation to groups, and one-to-one conversation.


  • APTCH is a multi-media project designed to show the power of the Arts in connecting us with the story and humanity of homeless people.


  • Our goal is to go from “Them and Us” perspective, to a more inclusive “They are Us. We are Them. We are One.”

     (“Inspire inclusion and common humanity with homeless people, and promote compassionate    action by the community at large” )


  • The Arts/Humanities represented in our project are:

                   Audio Stories

                   Fine Art Photography


                  Writing (Prose and Poetry)

                   Mixed-media Fine Art

                   Documentary Film

                   Performing Arts


  • Outcomes for 2017 - 2019:
    2018 Daily Compassionate Action Calendar (365 compassionate actions 12 black and white  photos by our artists.)

      APTCH Documentary Film

      APTCH Music CD

      APTCH Book/Resource Directory



Live Multi-Media Experiential/Interactive Event at Center For the Arts on Friday,        November 16th – 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. Gallery Opening Reception

7:00 - 9:00p.m. Main Stage  (Free and open to entire community - seating for Main Stage by reservation)

      Gallery Group Art Show at Granucci Gallery at CFTA – November 16th -26th



  • W H Y do we want to pay our artists?

We believe our culture is defined by the Arts and Humanities. Far too often, artists are      “starving,” and yet they are creating such a valuable part of what we see and experience as “culture.” All of our artists spend countless hours in service to the homeless community, most of them volunteer hours. We want them to be compensated for the great value they add of our project, to our community, and tot he world. They are Humans Being Positively Human and what they offer in each of the media in which they work contributes to growth, healing, and COMMUNITY.


  • We are passionate about this project because . . .

 [we understand how vulnerable we all are to homelessness. We all have our own personal experiences and know how quickly situations can change. Homeless people are no different  from those who are blessed to have a roof over their heads. ] 



  • We believe that if we work together as humans being positively human, real shifts towards solutions can happen.



  • We have already seen from our stories posted to date, that perceptions of the listeners/viewers/readers are shifting to be more inclusive


  • The issue of homelessness involves the entire community



  • The APTCH 2017 budget to achieve above outcomes is $100,000


  • APTCH, partnering with KVMR (Non-Profit Fiscal Sponsor) awarded California Humanities for All Quick Grant of $5,000 in December 2016


  • We received the California Arts Council, Arts & Media Grant for $12,000. This grant specifically pays our artists and media professionals.


  • Our Indiegogo Crowd Fundraising was needed to provide the revenue to support the budget, paying the artists and directors so we can accomplish our goals and the outcomes we’ve committed to in the grants. We had many generous contributors but did not reach our goals.


  • The contributions from the Indiegogo campaign were applied as “Matching Funds” needed for the California Arts Council grant.


  • APTCH has alliances with four non-profits involved in the homeless community (Sierra Roots, Hospitality House and with KVMR. There are artists on our team connected to each of these non-profits, but our Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign DID NOT fund these non-profits directly. We support the compassionate actions of each organization, and value their volunteer support of our project. Our team of co-creators’ participation as artists is separate from their participation or roles in these organizations.

  • APTCH is participating in "With-One-Voice", an international movement that aims to strengthen the arts and homelessness sector through exchanges in practice and policy.


  • We are NOT a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization. APTCH is a “project” designed, developed, and directed by Betty Louise and Susan Davis/The CoPassion Project, which is a DBA of The Co-Creation Community – a for-profit business. We will be paying taxes on all funds raised for the APTCH Project.


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