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Mikail Graham - Soul of "Night of Giving"

Mikail Graham has been producing "Night of Giving," every December in the community of Nevada County for 12 years. Because of his friendship with Utah (Bruce) Phillips and Joanna Robinson, he knew about their project to open a homeless shelter. It was when a close musician friend stepped up to suggest doing a benefit for their cause that "Night of Giving" was born.

"Night of Giving" is a Nevada County together-ness event. Mikhail describes it as a time for this special community to come together to celebrate, and raise some funds for those in need. He manages 2 stages, 30-40 different acts, and $20 admission/donation. No one is turned away.

Mikail has seen this event go from making $11,000 the first year in a bar in Nevada City, to last December, 2016 bringing in over $64,000 in one night.

Mikhail mentioned his good friend, Utah Phillips' wise words in "What We Need," and why it pretty much says it all.

Mikail is multi-media professional, and we are thrilled to have him handling the audio for our event on November 16th, 2017.

Listen HERE to the story and soul of "Night of Giving."

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