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Stormy May - Working for Peace and Poverty

Stormy May grew up in a household where she had the support to do whatever she wanted to do. So Stormy decided to think big. She is very serious about creating world peace and ending world hunger. She clarifies, saying she believes she will see the end of resolving conflicts through physical violence. She states that the emotional violence will take a bit longer.

She is currently working on a documentary film, "The Path of the Human." This film is about the search for how to get to peace and ending poverty. Stormy talks of the connection between peace and hunger. She shares, if you don't know where your next meal is coming from, it can cause you to act outside your normal behaviors and stir up violence. Stormy poses, "We can go to Mars, but we can't get food to people who need it."

Because she had such a good foundation growing up, she always felt like it was important to do good in the world. She asked what she could do in her community. She heard about an idea, popular in Europe called suspended coffee, where patrons pay for more coffee then they take. The extra money is left for people who don't have any for coffee.

From there, Stormy partnered with Reinette Senum, and together they have encouraged local restaurants to follow a similar model. Patrons of the restaurant put extra money into a fund that then goes to the homeless people. For every $6, there is a meal available, and it is called a gratitude bowl.

Listen to this innovative dreamer, and imagine a world she describes!

Part 1

Part 2

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