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Debbie McDonald - Stands up for Good

Debbie McDonald has been involved with Hospitality House for the last 10+ years. She started as a volunteer when it was a nomadic shelter, and grew her relationship with the shelter so that now she serves as staff.

Susan and I worked with Debbie to set up a spa day for the women guests at Hospitality House, which included our Purses with Purpose. It was a special day for all of us. The appreciation the women expressed for "thinking" about them was so sincere and touching. One woman soaking her feet in a tub of epsom salts, who lives on her feet all day long for many days in a row, said "I have never done this. I had no idea it felt so good." Simple, and sweet. Debbie shared a couple of the letters the guests who participated in spa day on this segment.

Debbie is an angel who feels a deep desire to help those less fortunate. We are so lucky to have her in Nevada County!

Listen HERE to a bit of Debbie's story.

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