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Joyce Rasmussen - Family Promise Solution

While living in Sacramento, CA, Joyce Rasmussen reached out to help homeless families through a program called Family Promise. Joyce helped her church bring this program in Sacramento, and talks about when there were a few workers but no clients yet. It is now a thriving program and so needed in our world today.

The model of the program for the 10 years that Joyce was involved, included a day center and 13 churches providing a meal and shelter at night. The families would move every week to a different church, and have one backpack with all their worldly goods. Joyce talked about how appreciative the families were to have good food and a warm, dry and safe place to stay at night.

She shared a story of a man who was unable to read so found it difficult to hold a job. Part of the Family Promise prescription for him was to teach him to read. Nice!

Joyce also remember how grateful people were that they were treated like someone cared, but didn't get pushed for too much information.

Joyce recommends that if you are nervous and afraid of homeless people, consider having a meal with them and just talking to them. She believes your life will be enriched and I agree with her.

Listen HERE to this wise woman!

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