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From Secret Agent to Servant

It's in John Foster's DNA to be a servant to the community. His heart is huge! He started out wanting to be James Bond, secret agent. When he pursued that course, he was steered towards law enforcement and found he loved it.

He understands struggle from his own upbringing, and therefore knows not to judge someone on the surface. He talks of being in law enforcement as being kind of like social work. He has heard lots of stories, and has many stories in working with homeless people. He listens to homeless people, and has experienced some great rewards for doing so. He shares the story of how he ran into a formerly homeless person who changed his life because of what John told him. Listen to part1 to find out what he told him.

John has been in law enforcement in Nevada County for almost 18 years. He is now running for Sheriff in 2018, and from our perspective, it is hard to think of a better candidate. He is all about the people! He is a co-creator, and instituted a community policing strategy when he was police chief for Grass Valley. We love that he talks about making a place for everyone at the table of discussion. Right on target with our thoughts about homelessness.

John says he never takes life for granted. If there is an opportunity to help someone, he will do it.

Listen to this genuine man with a heart for community.





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