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Pastor's Passion for Helping ALL

When I first met Pastor Roland Meyer, my own perceptions of what people "should" look like showed up. He didn't look like I expected him to look. He looked too young to be a Pastor. Wow, I was surprised at my own judgments. Here he is with his beautiful wife. They have two adorable little boys too.

Pastor Roland has a beautiful way of expressing his passion for helping homeless people, without judgments. He refers to them as house-less people who could be any one of us. He offers his church for many special events, like lunch for Sierra Roots on Thursdays in the winter and opening his space to special meetings for homeless people. The church is also exploring having a clothes closet with clothing for homeless people and those in need.

Friday evenings he holds coffee gatherings where everyone is welcome. He has connected with many of the Nevada City homeless population and many now attend his church services.

Listen HERE to and excerpt from this inspiring man's story.

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