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Suzanne Marriott - We are Not doing our Best

Suzanne Marriott had a very big role in the project "A Place to Call Home." She was the consultant and retired grant writer who helped us receive monies from both California Humanities and California Arts Council. We are so grateful to have gotten that financial start to make all of this possible. Thank you Suzanne!!

Suzanne is a writer and one of my neighbors at Wolf Creek Lodge, a co-housing community. We sat down to discuss her experience and feelings about homelessness.

She talked about when she was a hippie in the 60s, living in Berkeley, and experiencing homelessness as a cool adventure. She spent time in Berkeley, Reno, and Europe traveling without her own address, but says that was so different because it was a choice. She had relatives to live with, including her parents, and never felt desperate.

"Our country is not doing its best," she says as she passionately talks about greed and the suffering economy. "We are not taking care of people," and she believes that we need more social services and medical care. Homelessness is a serious problem here in Nevada County and everywhere, Suzanne says.

She shares her approach to meeting someone on the street who she believes might be homeless, and a couple of heartwarming stories of the appreciation she has felt from homeless people.

Listen to her audio segment HERE!

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