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      William Wallace                                                                                                                                                              Darin Barry



We are all individuals, and we each have our own unique story. However, there are moments in life when your experience mirrors another so much that you literally know what that person is going through and thinking. That is what happened to William Wallace and Darin Barry.


William was ready to end his life when he realized that people really care about him. Darin was about to end his life, and William showed up with so much care for Darin that he is known as Darin's Guardian Angel. 


These two men are bright lights in the community helping others who find themselves homeless, addicted, depressed, bi-polar, etc. Studies show that peer empowerment is one of the most effective means to helping build confidence in those who are trying to change. It makes sense. William and Darin manage two of the households through the Co-Living Network,  a series of four homes in Nevada County where people in recovery from drugs or alcohol can stay safe, clean and sober.


Listen to these inspiring forces in the community.







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