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Three Stories from Hospitality House

You will find these guests at Hospitality House shared their stories from a most vulnerable and fragile place. These was recorded "on location," so please forgive the quality. We felt it was important to share these soundbites from their stories. Their deep emotions demonstrate the difficulties they must overcome.

We so appreciate that Jose felt free to express his truth through despair. It was so real. You can feel Lisa's understandable anger at being homeless with a disabled husband and son, and Denise's hope for the future. We listened to many aspects of their stories, and chose these short clips to capture a small taste of the guests at Hospitality House. They are human stories of struggle.

The photo (compliments of Dee Anne Dinelli) is Jose, Ashley and son, Aiden. We are thrilled to report that Ashley has completed the culinary program at Hospitality House and gotten a job. Those that are ready, like Ashley, get what they need and can move their lives forward. She is a persistent and smart young woman, and we are excited for her success!

Listen to the short clips from Jose and Ashley, Lisa, and Denise HERE.

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