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Anita Bagwell - Building up our Youth

Anita Bagwell has a heart of gold! She was been the Director of the now closed Western Sierra Youthbuild. We were so sad to hear the news of the closing of the school, as it served the very vulnerable population of 18 - 25 year olds. The program offered vocational training and career tech ed.

Anita helped students who had not finished their high school education, and offered a way to move their lives forward positively. She told us that 50-70% of the student population were homeless, living out of their cars and all of them poor. Western Sierra Youthbuild offered lots of support to these students, providing clothes, showers, laundry, and breakfast/lunch. This was a safe place for students to learn about life.

It is particularly sad that this program closed last June, but we felt it necessary to highlight the amazing work that Anita was involved with in the community. She told us that although Western Sierra Youthbuild closed, the impact has been made and other schools are looking at programs to help this age group. She noted how important it is to provide support for this population as their lives are in chaos with constant moving.

We know that you will enjoy hearing Anita's great spirit and awesome community efforts.

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Part 2

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