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Inexhaustible Energy to Serve

If you know Janice O'Brien, Founder of Sierra Roots, you see that she has an incredible amount of energy to serve the community of chronically homeless people. Ask her how she does it, and she says "I am guided by spirit." Spirit expects a lot from her and she keeps showing up.

Her story is rich with experiences living as a nun, working with gangs on the streets of Wisconsin, parenting an alcoholic who became homeless, and becoming a persistent force in Nevada County for caring for the chronically homeless. Some of the things Sierra Roots has done for the community are to staff an overnight shelter for chronically homeless when the weather is extremely cold or hot, and train advocates to assist homeless people one on one. This is real help for real people.

Since the inception of Sierra Roots, the main mission is to design and build a sustainable community of small homes. This huge vision is gaining momentum, as City Councils and County Supervisors struggle with finding solutions. One thing you will always see at a meeting on homelessness is Janice O'Brien showing up and speaking up as an inexhaustible advocate for homeless people.

Please listen to her fascinating story.






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