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Tom Durkin keeps on keeping on!

Tom Durkin has some stories to tell. He has been homeless on and off for 20 years, and has some amazing experiences to show for it.

Tom is a writer, who keeps on writing whether he has a home or not. At one point in his homeless lifestyle, he rotated to three different Starbucks (so he wouldn't wear out his welcome) and kept submitting work for publication. He has been published many times, and worked for various news outlets.

He is a sensitive man, who deals with bipolar disorder so his behavior can be unpredictable, as he himself claims. Can you imagine dealing with a diagnosis that shows you highs and lows, while not having a stable place to live? Whew...wears me out just thinking about it.

Tom tells a story of kindness from a police officer that had all of us in tears. Through it all, he feels the kindness of others, and my guess is that is what keeps him going.

Listen in to this brave soldier who keeps on keeping on...

Go Tom!!

Listen HERE!

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