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The Awe Inspiring Strength of Reinette Senum

She has been called a Wonder Woman and a Fruitcake, but nothing like that phases Reinette. She persists on issues she believes in, and goes above and beyond for community.

We invited Reinette to join our project after hearing her at a Nevada City Council Meeting, where she said “We can not just put a roof over the heads of homeless people, we have to give them a purpose.” She did not disappoint with her amazing stories.

Her comment at the Council Meeting came after a visit to COTs homeless shelter in Petaluma, California, she was struck by the Executive Director of COTs comment that we never talk about the spiritual side of being homeless. That got her thinking about having a “purpose in life,” and that is a part of the healing for homeless people.

Several years earlier, she worked with Sierra Roots Founder, Janice O’Brien, and built 40 micro houses on wheels. It did not work out as well as hoped. The houses were called chicken coops to coffins, and were not embraced by many homeless people. It didn’t stop her from hauling them out to the woods so anyone willing to find shelter in the micro house could.

She talks about her 4 years on Commercial Street in Nevada City, while being owner of a small restaurant there, as a sociology degree. By observing the people, she said there were many passersby that hurled nasty comments to her, but never a homeless person. She never heard anything but supportive thoughts from the homeless community. Hmmm…

Also, on part 2, you will hear the fascinating tale of Reinette as the first woman to ski/walk/paddle across Alaska. It will give you insight into this tenacious woman who persists and finds that people show up for her when she does, “you just have to know they will call you a fruitcake.”

Listen HERE to this inspiring leader in Nevada City.

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