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Guardian Angel to Animals in Need

Patti Galle shares her story of how she organized Nevada County Pets in Need. She brought together the community to support and contribute to pets of the homeless and families in need.

Over a 2-1/2 year period, Nevada County Pets in Need went from providing dog food, and then branched into cat food, collars, leashes, coats, treats, toys, flea medicine, vet care, vaccinations, and anything a person with a pet who has a home would provide their animal.

Patti is an angel on earth, as she steps up time and time again, to rally the community to provide needed help and support for animals and people with their animals. She made a very interesting comment on her audio segment, talking about the difference in the bond between homeless people and their pets. She says the relationship is so strong because they spend 24/7 with them. Pets are a life-giving source for homeless people.

Listen in HERE to this woman’s passion for her work!

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