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The Grief of the Inequality

Aya Caspi is a non-violent communication expert. She studied with Marshall Rosenberg, and as she puts it "when I met NVC (non-violent communication), it changed the way I saw the world." We asked Aya her perspective on the issue of homelessness through the lens of NVC.

NVC is about social change. Aya talks about how NVC teaches us when we let go of labels and connect with humanity, we can shift our perception. "A Place to Call Home" wants to help us find all the ways possible to connect with humanity and shift perceptions. Aya shares her own story riding a Greyhound Bus to the Bay Area, where she encountered someone who might have been homeless talking to himself. Listen in to hear how her perception shifted on the bus ride.

Part 1

Part 2

Her children are really bothered by homeless people, and don't understand why there is homelessness. There is so much food and so many places to live, they say to her. This is where Aya honestly expresses her grief of where we are as humans. She tells her kids, "I feel helpless about how to fix the world." She feels so much grief at the inequality.

To learn more about Aya, click HERE.

"It is a basic human need to live a meaningful and purposeful life."

- Aya Caspi

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