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Living in the Woods is Electrifying

Sumner has quite an interesting perspective on homelessness, and being houseless for the last 4 years. He feels as though he has been homeless all his life. Home and heart go together for him, and he did not feel that the home he was raised in had his heart. After a traumatic brain injury at 4 years old, his life began to change dramatically. He stopped smiling. As time went on, his family wanted to diagnose him with a mental illness, and did not understand the injury he suffered. He knew then, that his family would not be able to help him.

He is not sure whether he is homeless out of a desperate situation, or because he loved the homeless people he saw and met, and wanted to join them. He said, "It gets scarier and scarier the way the world goes..." He's not scared for himself, but for the world in its entirety. He shared that he thinks he ended up being houseless because of gratitude. Gratitude for seeing and loving vulnerable people.

He is a very special person, who has much wisdom to share. Another fascinating perspective he shared was that the best art he has ever seen is opening up to people on the street, and imagining how and why they exist.

Please listen to this young man...he will shake your beliefs about houseless people.

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