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A Mom's Heart Reaches to her Homeless Daughter

How would you handle it if you raised your beautiful daughter the best way you knew how, and she chose to rebel and live on the streets? Obviously, this is a very tough situation for everyone involved. Virginia Lee is a mother in just that situation. We are very happy to note, that there has been shifts and Virginia is reconnected and working with her daughter to find her a place to call home.

She initially sees that she was enabling her daughter as she tried to fix the situation, and that makes sense as a mother's brain tells her it's her biologic imperative to keep her child alive and well. It takes tremendous courage and lots of support from counselors to regular Al-Anon meetings to let go of that. Virginia advises, if you know of someone in a similar situation, be compassionate. If you haven't walked in the shoes being a parent with a homeless child, there is really no way to know what solutions might work.

Kindness and compassion, without judgement, is always a good response!

Listen to this heartfelt and moving story of a dedicated mother reaching out to help her homeless daughter.

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