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A Harvard Graduate is Homeless!?!

Trena at microphone

Trena Bristol is one of the most courageous human beings you will ever meet. She has degrees from Harvard University, and the University of California at Davis. She worked in the Accounting Field, making a very nice salary, for many years. Then something strange began to happen. She kept getting laid off from jobs, and she didn’t understand why. Trena described it as if she couldn’t figure out how to put her pants on in the morning.

Trena’s story is one that will show you one of the many ways that a person ends up living in their car for 4 years. Last year, she was finally diagnosed with a progressive genetic disorder, explaining the inability to hold down work. She has now gotten disability income, and is saving for a place to call home.

Her story has shifted perceptions of many.

KVMR Storycatchers - click here to listen

You can also listen on the Audio Story Showcase at A Place to Call Home.

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