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Our Humans Being Positively Human Indiegogo Crowdfunding campaign to fund the A-Place-To-Call-Home Project is now live, online.

And it’s just sitting there, waiting for some action!

The campaign needs YOUR help, to make it successful. And we don’t mean your money – we mean your SOCIAL CURRENCY or Social Media Reach.

To make it SUPER-EASY for you, we’ve set up a profile and are looking for at least 100 “Supporters” in the next few days. Check it out HERE.

Think of as a social media flash mob, or a massive scheduled social post. Our “Supporters” can sign up to have OUR message published to THEIR social media accounts on the date and time we’ve chosen – the morning of May 31st.

Thunderclap is similar to crowdfunding, but uses SOCIAL CURRENCY, instead of money. Our audience (“Supporters”) can “donate” a Tweet or Facebook post to help us spread the word. The broader the word is spread, the more likely to reach CONTRIBUTORS who want to financially support the A-Place-To-Call-Home Project.

Thunderclap makes it so our fans and “Supporters” don’t need to remember to post our message to their social media account at a specific time. They don’t even have to know HOW to post our message. It’s all done automatically for them. Right now, our project, and our campaign, is like a tiny minnow in a vast sea of other projects and other campaigns. No one can find us, and no one will contribute if we don’t become more visible.

WE NEED to have thousands, if not millions, of people know about what we are up to, if we are to reach our goals. The best way to do that is through Social Media. This is "social currency" and worth a whole lot, because it will make our project and our campaign visible.

Handling a social media effort all by yourself is extremely hard, and it's not even very effective. makes it easy, quick, and effectively extends the social reach of projects and campaigns, like ours. By clicking through this link, , you are taken to our Thunderclap profile where you'll see a blue box with the message we've created. This is the message that will be sent out across Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr on May 31st, the day we selected for our Thunderclap to hit social media in a huge way. You will also see that we need a minimum of 100 "Supporters" to make this work. To be a "Supporter", all you have to do is click on one or more of the red social media buttons. When you do this, will have you post a message and a link to your own social media account, and log you in as a "Supporter". This is all done automatically when you click on just a couple buttons. On May 31st, will automatically post the message we've created, to all of the "Supporters" recorded social media accounts:

“IGNITE Cultural Transformation. Be a Human Being Positively Human. Support Storytelling through multi-media Arts.” You don't have to do anything more. Nothing, at all! And we make a BIG THUNDERCLAP across social media channels, which has the potential of sending a whole lot of Contributors and supporters to our websites and to the Indiegogo campaign.

Please take just a couple minutes and become a “Supporter”.

BE a Human Being Positively Human Click HERE right now to set our THUNDERCLAP in motion! THANK YOU for contributing YOUR "Social Media Currency" to help fund our

Humans Being Positively Human Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign!


Pay it Forward: If you can, please pass this along to just THREE friends, contacts, connections who you know will follow through and become a “Supporter”, too.

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