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StoryCatchers- Voices of the Community is LIVE!

The Nevada City, California Community Radio station, KVMR 89.5FM, has launched a new series of podcasts much like Dave Isay's StoryCorp series heard on NPR. With StoryCorp, Dave learned the power of listening and telling stories. Telling stories, and listening to them can actually create positive change as we touch into each other's humanity.

The first series of stories on the StoryCatchers page is from our California Humanities funded grant project called "A Place to Call Home". KVMR and the CoPassion Project have partnered in the development and outreach for this project, and the new StoryCatchers page on the KVMR website is another place you can hear the wonderful stories we are catching. Listen to them on the Audio Story Showcase here on the "A Place to Call Home" website.

Be sure to listen, and let us know what you think. We love your comments and feedback, here on our website and on all social media, and for you to SHARE with everyone you know.

Thanks a bunch!

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