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Stories Told to Inspire Common Humanity

We are so excited to launch our Audio Story Showcase on homelessness with stories from four different perspectives: a homeless man, a concerned citizen, a woman working with a non-profit serving the homeless community, and an official in Nevada County charged with finding solutions.

Watch for weekly stories from others walking in life from these different views.

Our goal is to capture and creatively share stories about homelessness in Nevada County, California, via spoken and written word, film/video, fine art, and music.

Story connects us to our humanity, and when arts and media communicate Story, there is opportunity for creative collaborative solutions to problems and cultural transformation.

Dave Isay, in his StoryCorp Project, learned from his 2015 listener surveys that 81% of those who listen to stories are reminded of shared humanity. When we hear meaningful “real life” situations people are dealing with, it helps us understand the universality of the human condition.


We all have the same needs, and use many different strategies to meet those needs. Common humanity evolves when we pause on judging those strategies, and see the person behind the exterior shell.


Let us tell you a little bit about our first four guests:

  • Robert is a man who “walks alone” and considers himself “home free.” He will undoubtedly invite you to reflect on your perceptions of homeless people.

  • Reinette is a current city council member who has been actively involved in finding solutions for the homeless problem in Nevada County for over ten years. She stops at nothing to make things happen.

  • Lisa is a citizen of Nevada County for over 30 years, and has only recently had “up close and personal” contact with the homeless community.

  • Dee is a professional fine-art portrait photographer that has been capturing images of homeless people to help us see the beauty and humanness that lives within. She is also a Board Member of Sierra Roots, a non-profit organization in Nevada City working with the homeless community.

Please let us know what you think!

Click HERE to listen!

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