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Shout it Out - Pay it Forward

APTCH Public Relations and Outreach

You can help us spread the word about the A-Place-To-Call-Home Project.

We'll even make it easy for you! Use any of these Facebook posts, Tweets, and memes in your own social media accounts.

Submit a Press Release to your local newspapers.

If we all work together, our collective reach is global and will promote compassionate action by the community, at large. 


Use these Tweets on your own Twitter account to let your Followers know about the A-Place-To-Call-Home Project and about our Humans Being Positively Human Indiegogo Crowdfunding campaign.
Follow us on Twitter @PlaceToCallHom1  and ReTweet our Tweets, too.

What do you have in common w/ a homeless person? Humanness. Spread this message w/ your “Social Currency”

Homelessness affects us all. Solutions happen when we work together as humans being positively human.

Story connects us to our humanity.Arts&Humanities communicate Story.The result is Cultural Transformation. - Inspiring common humanity with #homeless people through the #Arts.

The Arts & Humanities are the heart of what it means to be human. Be a Human Being Positively Human.

Stories of homeless people, those serving them, officials charged with finding solutions, concerned citizens



@PlaceToCallHom1 a multi-media project designed to show power of the Arts in connecting us with the story and humanity of homeless people Audio Stories about #homelessness also posted on @RadioKvmr StoryCatchers

@APlaceToCallHom1 Culture defined by the Arts; Artists are "starving" & yet are creating a valuable part of what we experience as "culture"

Artists are Humans Being Positively Human. They offer contributions to growth, healing, & community for all.


Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and watch for video updates which you can post in social media. These videos are "Sound Bites" of the full stories on the Audio Story Showcase


Here are links for the videos on the A-Place-To-Call-Home Play List (Use them as Tweets or Share on Facebook):

A Place To Call Home Intro Video

Highly Educated. . . Highly Motivated. . . Still Homeless

A Spiritual Warrior Committed to Serving Homeless People

A Public Servant With Heart and Soul

Coming Together to Help Homeless Families

View From A Man Living Home-Free in the Woods

Facebook,  Instagram & Pinterest Memes

You can click on these images, drag them to your desktop, and upload as an image on social media. Share these memes on your Facebook Profile Timeline, to a Page, or a Group, or Tweet them. Post something new once or twice a week. Engage: Like, Comment, Share, on your own posts and others, often.


Swipe these emails, make them personal if you'd like, and send to your list or friends, colleagues, connections you believe will resonate with our project. (You can copy/paste and the links within the emails will be live.


Dear <personalize>,


We have launched our crowdfunding campaign for the A-Place-To-Call-Home Project, which uses the arts to connect with the story and humanity of homeless people. It was a great success and you can see some of the photos HERE. Everyone was engaged and the crowd was a mix of the entire community, including some of our dear friends without homes. We all had quite a wonderful time, and we are deeply grateful to The Golden Era who were gracious hosts, from the owners to the bartenders!!

Our community forums, like our launch, are already accomplishing our goal of shifting perceptions. When our homeless friend, Trena, a Harvard graduate and MBA from UC Davis, got up to speak you could hear a pin drop in a busy and noisy lounge. One attendee said he woke up to a new reality among homeless people, when he heard Trena speak. Our Indiegogo Crowdfunding campaign, Humans Being Positively Human, will create a ripple effect of this perception change.


Now we have some work to do, and we hope you will help us.

Here are two ways you can help:


  • Contribute to our Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign – Humans Being Positively Human right HERE.

  • Become a supporter to our profile, as we are looking for 100 supporters by June 14th. Check it out HERE.. Not sure what Thunderclap is? Read our blog post HERE.


All contributions to the A-Place-To-Call-Home Project are received with the deepest gratitude. With your help, we know we can shift perceptions and co-create a community who works together toward collaborative and compassionate solutions!


Many thanks,





I’m reaching out to my friends and connections, especially those who are social media experts, to help us spread the word about the A-Place-To-Call-Home Project and our Humans Being Positively Human Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign to fund the project.


A-Place-To-Call-Home is a collaborative, multi-media project with the purpose of inspiring inclusion and common humanity with homeless people, and promoting compassionate action by the community at large. Through Story, communicated through the Arts, we believe cultural transformation will happen. 

We have been partially funded by a California Humanities For All Quick Grant, and will hear from California Arts Council at the end of June about whether we are recipients of their Arts and Media Grant. Even with these grants, we need additional funding for the documentary film, music CD, 2018 Daily Compassionate Action Calendar, and multi-media live event and gallery art show in November, 2017.


What am I asking of you? As a social media expert, you know the power of spreading the word throughout the various platforms where you have presence. We are using to increase our social reach, and we’d love your support by contributing your “Social Currency”. If you are not familiar with, here is a link to a blog  describing how it works.


Our first Thunderclap is scheduled for the morning of Wednesday, June 14th. We are in dire need of support, as we need a minimum of 100 Supporters by midnight, June 13th. Your help would be so appreciated, and I believe will drive more potential Contributors to our Indiegogo campaign.


Please consider contributing your “Social Currency” to this campaign.


Additionally, if you are able to contribute financially to the Humans Being Positively Human Indiegogo Campaign, or refer any connections who might resonate with the project and the cause to contribute, sponsor, or underwrite a portion of the A-Place-To-Call-Home Project, contact Susan Davis or Betty Louise at


Thank you for your consideration,











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