Beautiful 12" x 24" art-quality wall calendar featuring twelve black and white fine-art portraiture photographs by A-Place-To-Call-Home artist, Dee Anne Dinelli. These portraits are of Nevada County homeless or formerly homeless people and radiate the beauty, creativity, intelligence, humor, and common humanity within each person.

Each month’s photo includes a quote to inspire compassion. 

Every day in 2018 has a "compassionate action" noted, like "Look into the eyes of a homeless person, and say, ‘Hello’ ".

By taking these simple acts of kindness and compassion toward ourselves and  fellow humans, we will create a world filled with "Humans Being Positively Human", and inspire cultural transformation.

2018 Daily Compassionate Action Wall Calendar

  • The A Place To Call Home 2018 Compassionate Action Wall Calendar will go to print in October for November delivery.


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