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Performing Arts Tells Stories

When music and dance tell stories, it touches an audience in ways where words may fail. The result can literally heal a soul.

Story connects us to our humanity. The Arts and Humanities communicate Story. The result is Cultural Transformation.

In November of 2017, we produced a live event called A Place To Call Home - Stories Inspiring Transformation at The Center For the Arts in Grass Valley California.

This live event, with the awesome Mistress of Ceremonies, Betty Louise,  featured musicians, Kaia Smith, Terry Worden, and Brendan Phillips, and dance choreographed by Julie Lang.

Click on Artist to experience their contribution.


Comments from Attendees

"A beautiful presentation. Loved how many people from all walks of life participated. A community effort including all the players."


"Continue with more programs that create education and awareness for the community."


"This event both educated me about our local homeless people and  . . . and . . . and . . . gave me a chance to meet and talk with several of them."


"Thanks for sharing stories!!!"


"Incredible and beautiful event. Very cohesive and full in a good way."

"Congratulations on a successful opening! The seeds have been planted, here's to more people, artists, organizations, etc joining forces with you!"

"It was an artful heart full."

"A Place to Call Home brought together artists, policy makers and activists in a new and beautiful way tonight. So proud of our local talent and compassionate community."









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