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M O N T H L Y   U P D A T E S

Meet the CoCreators

Betty Louise and Susan Davis, CoPassion Project Co-Founders, are acting as the Project Directors of A Place to Call Home. They have been busy framing the project, connecting with the participants, and planning the fundraising activities needed to fulfill the first-year budget for the project. They are also part of the KVMR StoryCatchers-Voices of the Community team, and have begun recording stories from people in the four targeted demographics outlined in the project: homeless people, individuals in organizations serving the homeless community, officials charged with finding solutions to the homeless situation, and community members concerned with having homeless people in our county and/or fearful of homeless people.  Betty Louise and Susan will be introducing the A Place to Call Home project on KVMR 89.5 FM’s Sunday Showcase from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on December 4th, and plan to do three or four more KVMR Sunday Showcases throughout the year.





The rest of the KVMR StoryCatchers team, Diane McIntire, Ralph Henson, Jan Cercone and Hap Hazard, will be catching a story each month and helping with some of the editing. Ralph is also contributing video segments.  A Place to Call Home stories caught and edited by the StoryCatchers team will soon be aired in the Podcast section of the KVMR website, as well as on the A Place to Call Home website, the CoPassion Project website, and on the new CoPassion Project – Human Voices mobile app.





Joanna Robinson writes eloquent, heart-felt essays about the people she has known through her good work over the years at Nevada County's Hospitality House Community Shelter. These essays touch the heart and inspire inclusion and common humanity with the homeless people Joanna has known so well. Some of these poignant essays have appeared as Joanna's Blog posts on the Hospitality House website, and we look forward to having several more be part of the A Place to Call Home project.









Dee Anne Dinelli  of Shadow Dance Photography is contributing her fine art photographs of the homeless people she’s been photographing at Hospitality House and at Sierra Roots lunches. We have reserved the gallery at The Center for the Arts in November, 2017, for a show of these photographs accompanied by written stories, which will run at the same time as the live, public, multi-media event happening on the The Center for the Arts  main stage.











We met with Brendan Phillips, U. Utah Phillips' son, a musician/singer/songwriter and a Nevada County social worker, in November, and he is excited about being part of this project and integrating it with the very important work he’s doing as a social worker with the chronic homeless and substance addicted people in Nevada County, California. He has a great referral/connection whom we are looking forward to meeting,  for creating the musical sound track/score for the A Place to Call Home audio/multi-media segments, and he also will participate as a performer/musician/singer/songwriter for fundraising events and the November, 2017 live event at The Center for the Arts in November, 2017. 


Patti Galle and Janice O’Brien are each contributing stories – both written and audio. Patti posts stories weekly on Facebook on the Nevada County Peeps Group and the Nevada County Pets of the Homeless Page. Susan has been copying and posting several of these stories as “guest posts" on the A Place to Call Home website Blog page, and sharing in social media. Some of Janice’s stories in the Sierra Roots Newsletter have found their way into the blog, too. We look forward to catching many of their inspiring and poignant stories at KVMR 89.5 FM Community Radio, to be included in the audio/multi-media segments we are creating.

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