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A Place To Call Home - Stage Set

Artist: Jenny Hale

Artist, Jenny Hale, created the stage set for the "A Place To Call Home - Stories Inspiring Transformation" Main-Stage event on November 16th at The Center For the Arts in Grass Valley, California. Her concept of peering into the lighted windows of homes, and having the transitory experience of wondering about the lives of those on the other side, in the warmth of their sheltering homes, was the perfect backdrop for the multi-media stage performance.

After the performance, the stage set from "A Place To Call Home - Stories Inspiring Transformation" was included as part of the Gallery Show for two weeks, and then "up-cycled" and enjoyed life as a collaborative feature at The Center for the Arts  for a few more months.

Now, it is the stage set for the children's TV show, "Our Amazing Kids" at NCTV in Nevada City.

We love the idea of more Co-Creation and of this being "a place to call home" for  community members to continue to use what was created for our project.

"My aim is to create a bowl full of  joy 
Clear as the sky,
Pure as falling cherry petals, 
Without worry, without doubt;
Then comes full energy, endless power 
And the road to art."

Chiura Obata
Japanese - American painter  (1885-1975)


"These words so eloquently express my motivations, intentions, and aspirations.  Making art is the curving of our hands into a cup to receive and reflect the glowing essence of the natural world. My work is inspired by the natural world and explores how humans place themselves within it.
I am constantly amazed at the process of being human. Finding our place in this world is so complex and then in such a short time, we are gone.  Our experience is so temporary that I feel sure we are spirits in physical bodies and that there is so much more to life than what

meets the eye.
Artmaking is a process of making the invisible visible and in that discovery may we be refreshed to see our world in a new light."

- Jenny Hale

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