Our homeless friend Carol is passing to the other side and I wanted to share a bit of her with you. Carol lived her last many years in her car and gutted out trailers. She had a passion and deep love for her animals and that kept her out of shelters. If you have ever donated to NC Pets of the Homeless you made a difference for those loved animals. Thank you.

When I first met Carol, I was horrified. I mean, her car. It was a rolling dump truck filled with everything one might discard. You would see a few usable items but the overwhelming items were junk. Newspapers, containers, canned stuff, clothes, anything and everything. Surprisingly, it didn’t smell or from what I recall it didn’t smell.

I remember finding her in the old Safeway parking lot. She had a big note on the car window. Something about that she was OK and not to call the police.

I would ignore that and often call the police and ask them to do a welfare check on her. They were very familiar with her and would always check on...

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