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Remembered Generations

Artist: Gemma Benton

"Art is part of my spiritual practice, an extension of the healing that happens through ceremony and my relationship with the Unseen.
As I layer paint, beeswax, and other organic elements onto the substrate, I am involved in what some might call an “alchemical” process. Where beeswax was once used to capture the healing stories and songs of our ancestors and used to disassemble and displace their voice, through prayer and song I use my art to re-member the wisdom and power of

our ancestors and the Earth.
Once I've finished each piece, one last symbol is placed, a piece of abalone shell, that serves as a “touchstone” and a gentle grounding for the sacred within and around us."

Gemma Benton is a mixed media/cold wax artist who specializes in abstract expressionism with a wabi-sabi aesthetic.

Years ago Gemma worked under the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA), to protect sacred sites and repatriate culturally significant items. Gemma is Filipino and Menominee and her husband Bear is Western Shoshone. Together, they share Native language, song and ceremony. These experiences along with story and song are prominent themes in Gemma's work. Gemma and Bear live in the Greater Sacramento area.

Discover more artwork by Gemma Benton on her Etsy site.

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