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Faces of Change

Artist: Dee Anne Dinelli

For a number of reasons and feelings, our culture will – at times – choose to ‘look away’ and not see what is before their eyes. Dee Anne Dinelli chooses instead, to look into the faces, and into the hearts, of the homeless people she meets at Sierra Roots or

Hospitality House Community Shelter.

Her “Faces of Change” Photography Project is a way to literally ‘put-a-face’ on the homeless and the needy people, who often are invisible or whom we walk by on the street, and turn away. These are black and white portraits of some of the people within our community, all of whom have agreed to share themselves and their stories. Many people that access services are very private with their affairs – most do not want to have their picture taken because: “What are you going to do with my photo?” or “Is this a mug-shot for the Police?” or

I don’t want anyone to know I’m homeless.”

With the images you see here, those featured expressed permission to share their faces as a way to show you what we see on a weekly – sometimes daily – basis: the humanness of the homeless.

Dee Anne serves as Media Director on the Board of Directors for Sierra Roots, a local nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the needs of the people of Nevada County, who find themselves homeless. Sierra Roots is committed to creating a sustainable community that provides safe, secure and stable housing, where residents are linked to the supportive resources available through other organizations and government agencies. Sierra Roots is devoted to creating a

collaborative environment where participants can work toward

health, purpose and self-reliance.

The artist is donating the proceeds from sales of this body of work to Sierra Roots.

To view more of Dee Anne Dinelli's portfolio, visit

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