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A Place To Call Home - Part 2: Surviving & Thriving

We have submitted an grant application to California Humanities for the 2019 Documentary Project R&D Grant.

To view our Grant Narrative, please click the PDF icon, below.


A-Place-To-Call-Home, a multi-media documentary series of short audio/video segments, examines how Story, expressed though multi-media arts, can shift perceptions. Through the lens of homelessness in a rural community in California, we see how inclusion, common humanity, and simple compassionate actions can direct perceptions toward working together to solve this ubiquitous issue. Using StoryCircles to explore with youth, community members, government ofcials, and homeless people, it reveals universal themes, and inspires the audience to take compassionate action in their own lives. The documentary series will explore the details of perception shifting. The R&D phase will run for two years.

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